Daycare hours:

Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

All dogs 6 months and older must be spayed/neutered.

Please see bottom of page for pricing.


Our daycare program guarantees each dog is assessed by doing a free evaluation and temperament test. We introduce each dog into the group based on their size, play style, and temperament.

Many dogs learn bad habits in daycare, we prevent this from happening by offering structured play which means – frequent breaks and interactive toys while in the daycare environment.

To keep the play groups safe and fun we maintain a 1:10 staff to dog ratio.

*The owner will need to supply food, treats, specific toys, and/or medication if required.

Daycare for dogs at Pawsitive K9 Behavior and Training
Daycare for dogs at Pawsitive K9 Behavior and Training


Free evaluation and temperament test.


Evaluation and Temperament Test:

Once you meet with a staff member you’ll fill out our daycare agreement and confirm your dog’s vaccinations. Then a free evaluation will be conducted so we can get to know you, and your dog better. After the evaluation we will take your dog back for their temperament test. This lets us read your dog’s body language and behavior when introduced to other dogs. If anything is concerning we will let you know right away. We pride ourselves on fully evaluating your dog to reduce bad behaviors. A paw-lite dog is a happy dog!


Play & Train Program:

Some pups are dog selective, have a rough play style, or they require one-on-one care. Our play and train program provides mental enrichment (training), physical exercise, and socialization activities. At pick up, we will go over training methods and enrichment that you can implement at home!

What if my dog gets sick or injured while at daycare?

If your dog gets sick or injured we will remove them from play group, provide first-aid care, and notify you as soon as possible to come pick them up if necessary. In severe cases if we cannot reach you we will transport your dog to the vet you have on file.
During play time, dogs may receive nicks, cuts, scratches or irritated skin. They may also get tangles in their fur, tender paw pads, and sore muscles. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns so that we can be sure your dog’s visits are fun and enjoyable!

My dog is exhausted when he/she gets home. Is this normal?

Doggy daycare is a physically and mentally draining activity for dogs. Your dog will likely fall asleep and seem sluggish the rest of the evening and sometimes into the next day. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal. They just have to get used to a new routine!

How do you prevent kennel cough?

We require every dog to be up-to-date on vaccinations and we request that dogs’s exhibiting symptoms of kennel cough stay home until symptom free for at least 48 hours. At the end of each day we also thoroughly clean/sanitize all surfaces, water/food bowls and any toys or features in our play areas. 

Do you have breed restrictions?

No, we love dogs of all sizes and personalities, especially bully breeds! That’s why Pawsitive Behavior is bully trusted, approved, and loved.

Can I bring lunch for my dog?

Yes, at no extra charge! Please put the food in a ziplock bag with your dog’s name and the date on it. You don’t have to bring any bowls and scoops, we got you covered.


Full Day – $28.00 per dog
Half Day – $20.00 per dog

10 Day  – $250.00
20 Day  – $440.00

Play & Train – $35.00 per dog

*Call for multiple dog discounts (Only applies if daycare is more than 2 days a week)

To keep all our dogs safe, a current vaccination record from a licensed veterinarian is required for any service provided by Pawsitive Behavior. A dog will not be accepted for any program if records are not up-to-date and on file. Dogs should be free of parasites and on a flea and tick preventative.

All dogs are required to be in good overall health and have the following vaccinations:

5-in-1 DA2PP w/Leptospirosis / Parainfluenza (Bivalent Series) / Bordetella / Rabies
Negative Fecal Test in the past 12 months is required for all daycare dogs.