Structured Play (Daycare)

Pawsitive Behavior offers many programs for your dog to learn while you’re working or running errands. While at daycare, your dog can be introduced to a new basic obedience command each day. This provides a more scheduled routine rather than playing all day and potentially developing bad behaviors.

• Stay
• Come
• Heel with Automatic Sit
• Sit and Down (at your side)
• Sit and Down (from a distance)
• Heel with Automatic Sit
• Leave It (Advanced)
• Place (Advanced)
• Wait (Advanced)


Dog Daycare at Pawsitive Behavior K9 Training

This program includes the basic and advanced commands while your dog remains on leash. If your training goals include fixing specific behavior problems like barking, jumping, or leash manners, this is a great time to work on those too!

Please see bottom of page for pricing.

Requirements: Free evaluation and temperament test.

Details: Your dog will get a nap in between play and training sessions in order to process what they have learned. At pick-up a trainer will go over how to properly utilize each command and answer any questions you may have.
Additional fees will apply if you would like your dog to be trained with an e-collar. Pawsitive Behavior does not supply e-collars, but we will recommend what to buy based on your dog’s size and temperament.

*The owner will need to supply food, treats, specific toys, and/or medication if required.

Needed supplies: 6 ft. leather leash / proper training collar / valuable reward
You and your dog will need to practice at home at least 20 minutes two times per day between scheduled daycare days for training to be successful.

structured play

Full Day – $35 per dog
Half Day – $25 per dog

To keep all our dogs safe, a current vaccination record from a licensed veterinarian is required for any service provided by Pawsitive Behavior. A dog will not be accepted for any program if records are not up-to-date and on file. Dogs should be free of parasites and on a flea and tick preventative.

All dogs are required to be in good overall health and have the following vaccinations:

5-in-1 DA2PP w/Leptospirosis / Parainfluenza (Bivalent Series) / Bordetella / Rabies
Negative Fecal Test in the past 12 months is required for all daycare dogs.